We provide integrated building envelope services

Our Services

Water Leak Investigation

WATER LEAK INVESTIGATION provides interview with residents, field performance testing and observations, and reporting with recommendations.

Depreciation Reports

DEPRECIATION REPORTS provide building component inventory, on-site visual review, cash-flow analysis, finance consultation, and depreciation report preparation.

Building Envelope Condition Assessment

BUILDING ENVELOPE CONDITION ASSESSMENT provides occupant surveys, moisture content survey, field observations, performance testing, exploratory openings, reporting with recommendations and cost estimates, and further consultation.

Building Envelope Remediation

BUILDING ENVELOPE REMEDIATION provides design consultation, drawings and specifications, tendering, building permit application, HPO 3rd party warranty consultation, contract administration, field reviews, window testing, deficiency review, and maintenance manual preparation.          

New Building Envelope Construction

NEW BUILDING ENVELOPE CONSTRUCTION provides design review, shop drawings review, enhanced field review, performance testing, and maintenance schedule preparation.      

Building Modernization

BUILDING MODERNIZATION includes re-design of building envelope, interior, and/or landscaping, in conjunction with building envelope repairs due to water ingress and associated damages. The building modernization often increases saleability and value of the property.
Our Services

Roof / Balcony / Window Renewal

ROOF/ BALCONY/ WINDOW RENEWAL provides design development, specification and drawing preparation, tendering, contract administration, and construction field reviews.

Performance Testing

Leed / Green Building Consultation